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Sateneja is located in the far northeast corner of Belize just 5 miles from Mexico (as the crow flies) and at the end of a very rough 56 kilometer road. The view along the way isn’t anything real special but it was still rather pleasant. We were relieved to have arrived in town and that the bouncing and shaking could stop. It’s not much of a tourist town.
There are only a couple of hotels and/or guest houses, an equal number of places to eat, and no grocery stores that provided much in the way of varieties or options … BUT the beaches and ocean view are stunning. It was on the beach that we found a wonderful little place to stay. .


Krisami’s Bayview Lodge is brand new, very clean, spacious; comfortable, and the people were extremely helpful.
  Apparently only one restaurant was open the day we arrived because everyone we asked only offered one option – Simon’s Chinese Restaurant. Simon wasn’t Chinese and the only reason you might call the restaurant Chinese was that Simon was cooking with a wok. The restaurant was a little rough around the edges but the food was delicious.
  We drove out to Shipstern Wildlife Reserve and toured the “Butterfly Center.” This left a lot to be desired. We saw less than a dozen butterflies in the enclosure. While we were there we made arrangements for a Land Rover tour out to one of the crocodile ponds the next day.
  The next morning we had a great breakfast at Krisami’s restaurant (which had been closed the day before) and then was off for our tour at Shipstern. I had one little chuckle once we arrived at Shipster. We each waited our turn to use the outhouse. Sis went in first and I went in after she was done.
  Sis has an extreme dislike for spiders. I closed the door flipped up the toilet seat and from outside Sis heard, Hey Sis. Oh never mind. What? Did you see a spider? Yeah. Was it big? Yeah. I looked all around but I didn’t see any. Where was it? Are you sure you want to know. Oh Lord, maybe not but tell me anyway. He was on the underneath side of the toilet seat. Oh crap, I guess I really didn’t want to know. Once I came out I told her I had taken a photograph. Do you want to see it? … I guarantee you that Sis never sat down on a toilet seat the rest of the trip without first lifting it up.
  The Land Rover ride out to the crocodile pond was really fun. We sat on top in open air comfort. The wide open view provided lots of wildlife sightings with many varieties of colorful birds and a group of 4 or 5 coatimundi. The final part of the drive was down a VERY narrow path through dense jungle that the Land Rover could barely squeezed through. Once we arrived at the pond we climbed up into a very comfortable hide that can be booked for days at a time by researchers. While we were there a young lady from Switzerland arrived at the hide preparing to spend the next 3 or 4 days. She has been at Shipstern for nearly 6 months working on her college thesis. We were only at the hide for an hour but saw at least 6 different crocodile and perhaps more.


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