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We walked from the airport to Ruby’s Hotel. This is a place I had stayed 9 years earlier. I am happy to say that with only moderate changes Ruby’s is still the same. The view is spectacular. The staff is friendly. The price is great. The rooms are basic, very clean, and best of all quiet. Except for Wednesday nights when the next door neighbors have live music (if that’s what you want to call it). Every place in San Pedro is hopping on Wednesday. Well at least until 10:00 PM, when it returns to the normal, quiet conditions and it’s just perfect.

Oh yes, and the chicken drop contest. You buy a numbered ticket that represents a square. They throw a chicken into the enclosure and if it poops on your number you are the winner.  



What a great way to spend your first week of a 3 ½ week vacation. Lying around on a warm sunny beach, with frigates flying overhead, palm trees flowing in the breeze, and soaking up the rays. Well that was what we did about 30 minutes each day. The rest of the time we were on the go.

San Pedro is great. There aren’t too many places where the streets are made of sand and almost everyone drives golf carts! There are very few cars and trucks.

We rented a golf cart 2 days from Castle Cars (located across the street from Ruby’s) and explored the island ... err, caye. … The locals kept correcting me that it’s not an island, “it’s a caye.” Oh-caye it’s not an island but isn’t it still a piece of land surrounded by water? No matter what you call it it’s beautiful and far warmer than being back home. Not much to report on the golf cart trips other than two very pleasant days wandering in the sunshine. No big wildlife discoveries but lots of little tidbits. One good discovery we made was the El Patio Restaurant. Located just off the main street they have a great special every night that will fill a hardy appetite we chose to split the dinner between the two of us.

The Maya Island Air's airport terminal is not much bigger than a 2 bedroom mobile home. It’s a well run operation with good quality airplanes, and it’s just plane wonderful. I’m liking this! Life has slowed down to a pleasant pace.

Finally the first BIG day arrived … We are going fishing with Capt. Bicho of Fishing San Pedro. I can truthfully say this was well worth the money and time.

We caught lots of fish every day, Capt. Bicho and his son dove for fresh lobster and conch for us and prepared lunch over an open fire on the beach.

After the fishing was done the fish, lobster, and conch that we selected was cleaned and placed into a Zip-Lock bag. After we hit the dock we took the Zip-Lock bag to Mango’s Restaurant and told them we would be back later that evening.

That night we returned to Mangos and they prepared a feast for us. The scene was almost comical when the platter of food was delivered to our table. Other people got up from their chairs came over and pointed to the menu asking, “What did you order?”

Our final day we went snorkeling at Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley. Shark Ray alley wasn’t as great as I had remembered but Hol Chan was still wonderful. The two trips combined made for a very good time.

All total we had a great time. Life is good on Ambergris Caye!

Our last day we woke up early in order make a connecting flight to Flores, Guatemala and on to the Mayan ruins of Tikal …

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