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San Ignacio is located in the far west of Belize. This is a beautiful region and appeared to me to be a bit unique compared to other parts of Belize. It’s a little wild west and a little farm country. We were rather underwhelmed with the actual town itself but the local farmer’s market and strategic location make this a great central hub to explore the Cayo District of Belize. We stayed at the conveniently located and very comfortable Aguada Hotel.

Wow, check out that tan!


Across the street from the farmer’s market we found David’s Adventure Tours. Where we signed up for a 14 mile canoe trip down the Macall River. We had fully planned on paddling downstream by ourselves but were surprise to have Hugo join us as a “free” guide. This section of the Macall River has a moderately paced flow with only a few tiny little rapids. The water is clear and delightful.

Just a short drive west of San Ignacio is Clarissa Falls. This just barely qualifies as “falls.

  The total drop appeared to me to only be about a foot but the fact that it is continuous across the river give it a distinctive and memorable appearance

On our final day in the west we drove south to the Mayan ruins of Carocal. Wow, I was extremely impressed with how much progress has been made at the archeological site since we were there 9 years ago. This place is fantastic! Much different and not as large as Tikal but Sis and I both found it to be one of pleasant surprises of the trip. The impatiens growing everywhere gave the Mayan ruins an almost fairytale appearance.

On our way back we explored the Rio On Pools and stopped
at the Five Sisters Falls.

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