October 11 – After a very long drive over bumpy dusty roads we arrived
at the Serengeti National Park mid afternoon and stayed 3 nights at the
fabulous Serengeti Sopa Lodge.
This lodge was my personal favorite. It was elegant in a warm cozy manner and offered sweeping views from our personal balcony as well as from the terrace and restaurant. On the lodge grounds we saw waterbuck, impala, dik dik, cape buffalo, bats, warthog, and in the distance we could see giraffe and elephant.
Our personal deck
View from the restaurant
View from the terrace.
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The Serengeti National Park is massive covering about 5,500 square miles! That’s about twice the size of Yellowstone and larger than the whole state of Connecticut. Even though the animal migration was currently situated in Masai Mara the Serengeti was still teaming with wildlife.

Us and the car
Masai giraffe
Lion cub
Unknown lizard
Unknown lizard
Masai giraffe
We were all busy shooting photos of the elephants in front of us in the river when Peter said, “Don’t make any fast moves or loud noises but look in back of you.” Holymoly, a huge elephant was almost in the backdoor of the van.
Our best view of a leopard occurred in the Serengeti. We watched this guy for a couple of hours before we were finally able to get a couple of respectable photographs.

Gong Rock was discovered by the Masai several hundred years ago and makes an almost metallic ringing sound when struck with a smaller stone. It is an interesting place to visit and also invoked a little whimsical fun ... who took the photo?

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Sis surprised me with a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti for my birthday (a day early. Unfortunately we didn't see hardly any animals from the air but the 40 minute balloon ride was still a lot of fun and the breakfast afterwards was fantastic!
The day of my birthday I pulled open the drapes and a warthog ran scurrying away from the window kind of like a happy birthday greeting to start my day. What a great place to celebrate my 60th.

As we drove away from the Serengeti Sopa Lodge the four of us were singing:
Jambo, Jambo bwana (Hello, hello mister?)
habari gani, nzuri sana (How are you? Fine, thank you.)
Wageni mwakaribishwa (You are all welcome)
Tanzania hakuna matata (Tanzania no problem)
Serengeti hakuna matata (Serengeti no problem)
Ngorongoro hakuna matata (Ngorongoro no problem)
Tarangire hakuna matata (Tarangire no problem)
Hakuna matata, Hakuna matata (no problem, no problem)

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