We then flew back to Nairobi and caught a shuttle bus to Arusha, Tanzania
(shuttle NOT recommended). After an over night stay at the Impala Hotel we
were met by Peter of Roy Safaris.
October 10 we arrived at the Ngorongoro Conservation Area mid afternoon and stayed one night at the very extravagant Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge. The conservation area is huge, about 3,200 square miles but the real focus is the floor of an enormous volcanic crater that is about 100 square miles in size.
Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge
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Ngorongoro crater
It doesn’t have the abundance of wildlife as the previous parks and it’s not as beautiful either but the awe factor at the size of the crater and its self-contained eco system makes this very memorable. The more noteworthy animals we saw included a servet cat, an African wild cat, a mother black rhinoceros with newborn baby far in the distance, a few jackal, lion, several baboon, black faced vervet monkey, giraffe, secretary bird, and lots of cape buffalo, Grant’s gazelle, hartebeest, hippopotamus, hyena, ostrich, Thompson’s gazelle, warthog, waterbuck, wildebeest, and zebra.
Spotted hyena
Kori Bustard
Crowned Crane
Secretary bird
Black face vervet monkey
40+ osterich

Grant's gazelle

One small pool was virtually wall-to-wall hippos with over 50 in an area so small a person could have literally walked from back to back from one bank to the other.

A dead hippo was in the water off to one side of the pool with several hyenas eating on the carcass and several others patrolling the shoreline.

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