All of the information I have for my oldest known PINNECKERs come from church records found on microfilm originating from Marienkircke in Büdingen. These records are handwritten with quill pens in old German and most are very difficult to read.



My oldest known Pinnecker is Heinrich Pinnecker who prior to this trip I thought was born in Düderode but I now believe this to be a miss-read of the church records and he was probably born in Dudenrod, a local community located just a couple miles north of Büdingen.

Heinrich’s son, Johannes Pinnecker was born in 1638 and was known to be living in Büdingen in 1660. Johannes was an apothecary (druggist) to the court of Ysenburg (Ez-in-burg) and many of his children and grandchildren’s godparents were the Graf and Graffin (count and countess) of Ysenburg and Büdingen. His first wife, Helena, died May 21, 1683 in Büdingen. Johannes and Helena had 1 son and 1 daughter.


Johannes and his second wife, name unknown, had 3 sons. The oldest son, Johann Conrad Pinnecker married Anna Elisabeth Carl March 14, 1720 in Büdingen. Johann and his father-in-law, Georg Wilhelm Carl, were both locksmiths living in Büdingen. Johann and Anna had 2 sons the oldest being Johann Georg Pinnecker born February 08, 1722.


Johann Georg Pinnecker went by his middle name Georg (Gay-org) and was a master locksmith. He and his first wife, Anna Appolonia Lutz (daughter of cartwright Johannes Luzt of Aulendiebach), were married March 25, 1751 in Büdingen. They were living in Calbach when their first two children were born. His second wife was Maria Elisabeth Bäcker.

The church in Aulendiebach



Georg was the last of my blood line born in Germany. He and his family immigrated to Russia in 1766 departing Lübeck, Germany onboard the ship Love and Unity II and arriving in Oranienbaun, Russia not far from St. Petersburg on July 04, 1766. It was nearly a year later when they were recorded arriving at their final destination of Moor Colony in the Volga River valley near Saratov on June 18, 1767.

There are a few unanswered questions about this family but I believe his first wife, Appolonia, probably traveled with Georg to Russia but probably died shortly afterwards. Georg had 9 sons and 5 daughters and I suspect the first 5 children were with Appolonia but I’m not certain. The family lived in Russia 120 years and 3 generations before immigrating to America in 1886. For more information see the Pinnecker family tree and the story of Georg and Peter.

A few examples of the documents ...

Death of Johannes Pinnecker
May 22, 1702

Birth of Johann Georg Pinnecker
February 08, 1722

Wedding of Johann Johann Conrad Pinnecker and Anna Elisabeth Carl
March 14, 1720

Wedding of Johann Georg Pinnecker and Anna Appolonia Lutz
March 25, 1751


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