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Henry Johnson born about 1791 in NC. His mother's name was Nancy but nothing more is known about her. He married Mary Ferguson August 7, 1817 in Asheboro, Randolph Co., NC. She was born before 1805 in NC. Children of Henry and Mary:

  • Madison Johnson born about 1817 and died before March 02, 1863. He married Nancy Unknown who was born about 1819. Served in Confederate Army with Company D, 58th Regiment NC Troops. He died at Big Creek Gap, Tennessee, prior to March 11, 1863. Cause death not reported. Children:
    • Nancy Johnson born about 1840
    • William Johnson born about 1841
    • Riley Johnson born about 1842
    • Jacon Johnson born about 1843
    • John Johnson born about 1844
    • Belsa Johnson born about 1845
    • Bartlett Johnson born about 1848
    • Albert Johnson born about 1846
  • Harrison Johnson born September 01, 1818 in Ashe Co. (now Watauga Co.), NC, died February 03, 1905, married Sarah McBride. She was born December 21, 1819 and died August 18, 1887. She was the daughter of Brazilla McBride and Rachel Wilson. Children:
    • Emily Johnson born about 1843
    • Mary Johnson born about 1845
    • Rachel Johnson born about 1847
    • Barzilla Johnson born about 1848
  • Braxton Johnson born January 16, 1823 and died July 20, 1890 in Watauga County, NC. He was a captian in the Confederate Army. He married Sallie Matilda Williams born February 14, 1838 and died May 13, 1911. They are both buried in Forest Grove cemetery near Beaverdam, NC. Children:
    • John M. Johnson born about 1856
    • Martha L. Johnson born about 1858
    • Ann C. Johnson born about 1860
    • Emerline Johnson born about 1860
    • Loucinda Johnson born about 1872
    • Adalade Johnson born about 1874
    • James Johnson born about 1876
    • Henry H. Johnson born about 1878
  • Andrew Johnson born about 1826. First wife Susannah Fletcher, born about 1829 and died before 1866. Children:
    • Jacob Johnson born about 1849
    • Sarah Johnson born about 1854
    • Benjamin Johnson born about 1853
    • Jane Johnson born about 1855
    • Lucresis Johnson born about 1857

      Second wife Nancy Main born about 1847. Children:
    • Lafayette Johnson born about 1866
    • John Johnson born about 1868
  • Bartlett Johnson married Delphia Hartley
    (See below for more details)
  • John Johnson born about 1831
  • Leonard Johnson b. Abt 1834
  • Jacob "Jack" Johnson born about 1837 and died March 11, 1863. He married Nance E. Unknown. He served in the Confederate Army with Company D, 58th Regiment NC Troops. He died at Big Creek Gap, Tennessee, prior to . Cause death not reported. Children:
    • Sarah E. Johnson
  • Emoline "Emiline" Johnson born about 1840
  • Caroline Johnson born about 1842


This land belonged to Henry Johnson in the early 1800s.

This is where Barlett and Delphia's home was located in 1920 (Hampton, TN ). This is NOT their home.


QUESTIONS for this generation:

  • Who are Henry and Mary's parents and where are they from?

Generation No. 2

Bartlett Johnson born August 1828 in Beaverdam Twp, Watauga Co., NC and died after 1910 in Hampton, Carter Co., TN. He served with the Confederate with the North Carolina Troops Company D, 58th Regiment NC Troops. He went over to the Union Army on an unspecified date and took the Oath of Allegiance at Chattanooga, Tennessee, Augu 17, 1864, and at Louisville, Kentucky, September 16, 1864. He married Delphia Hartley born May 18, 1829 in Watauga County, NC and died January 21, 1920 Hampton, Carter Co., TN. She is buried in Hall Cemetery. Children of Bartlett and Delphia:

  • Nancy Caroline Johnson born 1854
  • Elizabeth "Charity" Johnson born April 12, 1857 in Watauga Co., NC. She married John Wesley Goforth he was born July 25, 1853 in Ashe Co., NC and died March 04, 1904 in Lonesdale, Knoxville, TN. They were married September 26, 1875 in Watauga Co., NC. Children: 
    • Rosa Mae Goforth - She married Edgar Beverly Maynard. Children:
      • Beaulah Elizabeth Maynard b. December 05, 1916
      • Edgar Carlton Maynard b. June 19, 1918
      • Doris Louise Maynard b. August 21, 1920
    • Epsie Cordelia Goforth - She married Jae M. Depew (spelling?) and died in Plaino, TX.
    • Roby Leander Goforth - born January 25, 1878 in TN, died 1932 in Lorain, Ohio.
    • Nora Elizabeth Goforth - born September 23, 1885 in TN, died September 21, 1904 in Hampton, Carter Co., TN.
  • John "Roby" Johnson b. 1860 (see below for more details)
  • Sarah Isabel Johnson born July 31, 1872 in Beaverdam Tsp, Watauga Co., NC. She married Alfred "Fred" M. Potts of England. Children:
    • Roby Lee Potts
    • Robert Jay Potts


Roby Johnson and his sisters, Sarah and Charity.

Roby Johnson

Roby's funeral conducted by the Odd Fellows.

Walter and Edith Johnson

Click to see a larger image  -  Chiron, Mollie, and Floyd Johnson

Sister and Rebbecca (Castle) Johnson

Ella (Ward) Johnson, Anna Lee (Johnson) Gambill, and Daniel J. Gambill (early 1960s)

Generation No. 3

John "Roby" Johnson born 1860 probably in Watauga County, NC, died December 08, 1941 in Thelma, KY.

First wife of John "Roby" Johnson:
Emma Isaac Children:

  • Walter "Rawleigh" Johnson born 1886 in Beaverdam Township, Watauga Co., NC, died 1968 in Marshville, NC, married Clarissa Kathryn Worley about 1908 probably in Beaverdam Township, Watauga Co., NC. Children:
    • Hazel Johnson b. June 18, 1911
    • Walter Johnson b. June 06, 1924
    • Ruth Johnson b. after 1925

Second wife of John "Roby" Johnson
Mary "Mollie" Louise Baird/Fox (see Baird page for more details) born March 14, 1862 in Near Nashville, TN, died February 02, 1935 in Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KS. They were married about 1890. Children:

  • Chiron William "Bill" Johnson born February 03, 1893 in Peck, KS, died January 1969 in Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KS, married Ruby Cecil Anderson March 22, 1917 in Seward County, KS. She was born January 12, 1895 in Benton, KS, died October 05, 1969 in El Paso, El Paso County, TX. Children:
    • Elsie Marie Johnson
    • Jewel Rolland Johnson
    • Juanita Colleen Johnson
    • Harold Lloyd Johnson
  • Floyd Johnson married Mollie Gieswein
    (see below for more details)

Third wife of John "Roby" Johnson
Rebecca Castle died after March 02, 1908 in WV. They were married after 1906. Children:

  • Delphia Johnson born March 02, 1908 in WV, died April 15, 1985. She married Linzie Travis born July 09, 1905, died July 29, 1987. They are both buried in the Gambill family Cemetery in Thelma, KY.

Forth wife of John "Roby" Johnson
Ella Ward born September 28, 1882, died March 15, 1976. They were married after 1907. Children:

  • Anna Lee Johnson married Daniel "Dan" James Gambill.
Click to see a larger image  -  Floyd Johnson Click to see a larger image  -  Floyd & Molly Johnson

Floyd L. Johnson born May 17, 1894 in Wichita, KS, died September 09, 1962 in Wichita, KS. He served in WWI with the American Expeditionary Force, 1st Army, 90th Division, Company F of the 357 Infantry. He participated in the St. Mihiel offensive and the Meuse-Argonne battle.

He married Mollie Gieswein (See Gieswein page for more details) born September 22, 1898 in Fairview, OK, died February 25, 1981 in Wichita, KS. Children:

  • Edna Louise Johnson
  • Gladys Eileen "Jo" Johnson
  • Ivan Robert Johnson

"It's the little nuggets ... the ones that were the hardest to find that mean the most! To others it might appear as simply another entry in your records. But that one little tidbit of information might have taken years to find ... AND it opened the door to a past generations. "
John W. Wall

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