The Baird House was built about 1790 by Dr. Ezekiel and Susanna (Blodgett) Baird, my GGGGG-grandparent. The original cabin consisted of only what is now the kitchen (the extreme back part of the house). They kept adding onto the house until it looked much like it is today.

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I went to North Carolina in search of family roots and family ties and I didn't come home disappointed. I found more than I had hoped.

... I stayed at the Baird House Bed & Breakfast which was the perfect place to stay. The Baird House sits on the banks of the Watauga River near Valle Crusis, NC. It was built by my ggggg grandparents Dr. Ezekiel and Susanna (Blodgett) Baird, about 1790. It's a magnificent old farm house. The B&B is run by Tom and Deede Hinson. They and their children made me feel right at home. The accommodations were comfortable, the breakfasts huge and delicious, and Tom a wealth of information on the Baird House history as well as the surrounding area.

The old Baird family cemetery sits on top of a small hill a short walk above the house. Susanna was the first person buried here in 1831. It's unsure if Ezekiel is buried here as well. It's only a short drive to all of my other family locations in North Carolina (Sugar Grove, Beaverdam, and Boone). Plus it was an easy and beautiful 40 mile drive to Hampton, Tennessee where my ggg grandparents, Bartlett and Delphia (Hartley) Johnson last lived and are buried.

Pat & Jim Gambill (left) and
Walter & Edith Johnson (right)
at Walter's home.

If that wasn't enough to get me off to a great start I was met by my long lost cousin from Thelma, KY Jim and Pat Gambill. They drove 250 miles just to meet me (for the first time) and show me around an area they we some what familiar with. We hit it off right from the get-go. Jim even played hooky from work an extra day to stay in the area and continue our search for family information and (I think) strengthen our newly found relationship.

Additionally I met another long lost cousin, Walter Johnson and a more distantly related cousin, Lucille Hipp. They all made me feel welcome. I have a smile the size of Montana.

The Baird House
In 1970 the house was restored and at that time they converted the front porch into a 2 story colonial style entrance. The pack porch was enclosed only a few years ago. Otherwise it looks much like it was when the last Bairds lived in the house in the mid 1920s.
1970 before the Baird House was restored   The Baird House September, 2000   The Watauga River looking west from the Baird House.  
The Watauga River looking east from the Baird House.
The pathway from the Baird house leading up to the cemetery.
1970 before the Baird House was restored   The Baird House September, 2000  
Rope swing on the pathway.

Looking back at the Baird House from the pathway.


View from the Baird Cemetery


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Susanna (Blodgett) Baird's final resting place.

The Watauga River Road
Watauga River Road.  
Watauga River Road.
Old sawmill on the Watauga River Road.


The lower part of the Beaverdam Creek.
Beaverdam Creek passing through Grover Johnson's old place. This is where Joe and Lucille Hipp (granddaughter of Grover) now live.
  Tobacco drying in the barn at Joe and Lucille's  
Joe & Lucille Hipp's farm.
  Joe's prize winning 150 1/2 pound pumpkin.

This is thought to be the site of Henry Johnson's home (the building in the photo NOT part of the original home).
Beaverdam School located further up the road.

3 Forks Baptist Church - Near Boone

The original site of the 3 Forks Baptist Church located on the banks of the South Fork New River just east of Boone.
South Fork New River adjacent the old church site. I suspect that many baptisms probably took place here.

Hampton, Tennessee

Site of Bartlett's old home in Hampton, TN

Hall Cemetery in Hampton, TN where Delphia is buried. Bartlett is probably buried here as well. We were unable to locate either grave.
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