The Hartley Family

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John Wall

Waightstill Hartley b. Abt 1700 near Shrewsburg, Shropshire, England
d. Abt 1765 in Frederick Co., VA
+wife: Margaret Hodges
Children: John (Richard) Hartley, Mahala Hartley, and Nancy Hartley

John (Richard) Hartley b. Abt 1735 in england d. 1783 in Virginia
Fought Indians in the 1770's near Fort Pitt, PA
+wife: Elizabeth (Abigail) Beckett b. June 22, 1734 in England d. February 24, 1837 in NC
Children: Finley, George, James, Elizabeth, Ava, Nancy, and Reuben

Reuben Hartley b.1777 d.1857 in Watauga Co., NC
+ wife: Joanna Green b. 1781 d. 1857 in Watauga Co., NC [Ancestors of Joanna Green]
Children: Eli Hartley, Benjamin Hartley, Thomas Jeffereson Hartley, William Hartley, Sarah Hartley, Elizabeth Hartley, and Nancy Hartley

Benjamin Hartley b. March 10, 1802 in Ashe Co., or Wilks Co., NC d. Abt 1879
+ wife: Elizabeth Church b. 1803 Ashe County, NC d. 1903
Elizabeth Church's parents: Phillip Church and Sarah "Hannah" Andrews
Children: Calvin Hartley, Jesseway Jasper Hartley, Mary "Polly" Louise Hartley, Delphia Hartley, James Hartley, William Hartley, Elizabeth Hartley, Nancy Hartley, Rebecca Dovis Hartley, Johnathan H. Hartley, Bartlett Hartley, Twin Daughter Hartley I, Twin Daughter Hartley II, Ceclia Amanda Hartley, Sarah Syren Hartley (Arrant), and Emily V. Hartley

Delphia Hartley b. May 18, 1829 in Watauga County, NC d. January 21, 1920
+ husband: Bartlett Johnson b. Abt 1829 in Beaver Dam, Watauga Co., NC d. date unknown in Hampton, or Johnson City, TN?
Children: Nancy Caroline Johnson, Elizabeth "Charity" Johnson, John "Roby" Johnson, and Sarah I. Johnson (Photos of family sites in North Carolina/Tennessee and Kentucky)

Rebecca Dovis Hartley was born April 03, 1838 in Ashe Co., NC, and died September 13, 1881 in Palmyra, Butler Co., KS. She married Joseph Warren Baird, son of Alexander Harmon Baird and Nancy Vanderpool. Joseph was born May 07, 1830 or 1831 in Valle Crucis, Watauga Co., NC, and died September 22, 1906 in Pottawatomie Co., Romulus, OK.
Children: Mollie Mary Louise Baird, John Robert Baird, William Sherman Baird, Benjamin Franklin Baird, and James Warren Baird.

Other surnames: Bogle or Bolye, Bolton, Coles, Davis, Dyer, Fork, Gunn, Love, Marcus, Mayse, Moody, Odom, Osborn, Spears, Stout, Turbyfill, Vance, Wilcox, Wilson, and Wiseman

"It's the little nuggets ... the ones that were the hardest to find that mean the most! To others it might appear as simply another entry in your records. But that one little tidbit of information might have taken years to find ... AND it opened the door to past generations. "
John W. Wall

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