John Wall
US Virgin Islands
We last visited US Virgin Islands in 1990. Therefore, some of the following information might be out of date.
The Virgin Islands are wonderful, but they do tend to be rather expensive. However, my favorite place, Maho Bay on the island of St. John, is very affordable. (last time I was there it was $65 US per night)

Itís about half way up the west side of the island. The accommodations are "tented cottages" a wood frame structure on a wooden plateform and covered with canvas. They include individually partitioned bed room, living room, kitchen, and deck area. They include electricity, cooking facilities, a real bed, and a couch that makes out into a bed.

The last phone number I have for them is 1-800-392-9004 or 1-212- 472-9453.

Another option is once you get to the Virgin Islands start asking around about rooms for rent. Many of the locals rent out rooms in there homes.

Check this site out USVI

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