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Thailand (Southern)
We last visited central and southern Thailand in the early to mid 1990s. Therefore, some of the following information might be out of date.

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The Dawn of Happiness boats

Not the place for me. If you like Hawaii and western style living you'll love Phuket (Also, western pricing)

Ko Phi Phi
It still has some of the most beautiful beaches I've seen anywhere BUT it's over populated and very touristy

Ko Lanta
The beaches aren't as beautiful as Kho Phi Phi but it's much less developed, quite beautiful and cheap.

The town isn't particularly interesting but the beach about 10 miles out of town are fun.

From Phuket Airport to Krabi - The last bus leaves the airport at 3:00 You can generally talk the bus driver into dropping you at a specific hotel in the Krabi area for an extra 50B - even 100B is well worth the travel time saved and hassle of catching a songthawe from Krabi town. (If you miss the bus or you just want to reduce your travel time take a taxi straight to your hotel. Walk out of the airport. Go past all of the taxis and across the parking lot. Out on the street you will find more taxis at much cheaper rates. The rate is for the vehicle. So if you can find others to share the ride its cheaper per person. Expect to pay around 1,000B.

Dawn of Happiness
The Dawn of Happiness is located about 10 miles out of Krabi town. The unique style of this beach resort has made it very special. It's located away from all other resorts about half a mile from the "Shell Fossil Cemetery." and promotes interaction between the locates and the tourist. They have daily tours that are really different --
  Help Uncle Chi take the water buffalo out to pasture
  Help harvest rice
  Help tap rubber trees
  Picnic lunch to a small island

Khoa Sok Rainforest Resort
This is the sister site of the Dawn of Happiness. This triangular shaped resort is bordered a river, a creek, and Khao Sok National Park. The mornings are filled with the sounds of Gibbon monkeys. If you are planning on staying at the Dawn of Happiness they can arrange for transportation for a few days stay at Khao Sok Resort.

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