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Thailand (northern)
We last visited central and northern Thailand in the early to mid 1990s. Therefore, some of the following information might be out of date.

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Doi Sutep located a few kilometers outside of Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai
My favorite place in Thailand and one of the few large town I like anywhere in the world. Lots of fun things to do in and around Chiang Mai.

If you donít do anything else youíve got to see Doi Suthep ... its a must!

The night market is still good but itís changing and not for the better. However, you will find better values here than in Bangkok.

There are lots of markets and good places to shop in and around Chiang Mai. Plus several factories and large shops located just out side if Chiang Mai (Silk clothing, umbrellas, leather goods, ceramics, sa paper, and jewelry).

The surrounding towns offer enough to keep you busy for weeks. Near Mae Rim you will find Green Valley Golf Course, Elephant treks, Butterfly farms, Snake shows and more.

My favorite place to stay in Chiang Mai is Center Place Guest House. Itís not fancy but clean and comfortable. The rooms are $6 per night and include a queen size bed and a hot private bath. Center Place Guest House, 17/2 Loi Kroa Road, Soi 1, Chiang Mai, 50000, Thailand. Telephone: (053) 271169.

If you are missing western style food try Frenze, you wonít be disappointed.

The Beer Bar Garden Ė FUN! Youíve gotta try it at least one night. Lots of small bars surrounding a Thai boxing ring. You can play pool, drink beer, eat some great food, and watch Thai kick boxing up close. Admittedly these generally arenít top boxers but itís still really just a fun environment.

The best way to get around is with a motorcycle. I also rent from the Queen Bee the are very reputable and have good bikes. A little Honda Dream 100cc will cost $6 per day with insurance. Queen Bee Car Rental, C/O 5 Moonmuang Road, Chiang Mai, 50000, Thailand. Telephone: (66-53) 275525, 278483.

Mae Sai
Great place to people watch. Lots of comings and goings of several hill tribes. This is a good place to enter Burma (Myamar) a day but BE CAREFUL!

I really like the Mae Sai guest house. There are several other places with very similar names. From the main road turn left just before the bridge into Burma. Go to the end of the road and then continue up the hill behind the buildings and then drop down to the entrance of the Mae Sai guest House itís right on the river. Mae Sai Guest House, 688 Wiengpangkam, Mae Sai, Thailand.

Unique little village. One of the best places for a trek

Mae Hong Song
The best way to reach Mae Hong Son is to fly from Chiang Mai. The fight takes 25 minutes and costs about $16 each way. Other wise it will take 12 (plus) hours via any kind of land transportation each way.

Go now itís changing fast! Really a nice village to visit a little slower pace and Burmese style wats.

From Mae Hong Son you can take the long-tail boats up the river to the refugee village of the Long-Neck Karen. Some people feel itís a bit touristy but I donít. These are real people trying to live their traditional life style the best way they can.

If you get the chance to go in mid-November you will be treated to a very spectacular site. The golden hills of sunflowers are wonderful.

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