January 25 to February 4, 2008

The weather was exactly what we had hoped for. It was sunny every day and in the mid 80s but not all went as planned. Two days after our arrival I came down with the flu. Like so many others this year I got the flu shot but it didn’t save me from the crud. The good news is we were staying at the very pleasant Our House B&B which was the perfect place for some R&R.


Our House B&B ... on Barra de Potosi
Phone: +52 (755) 556-7310
Cell: 755-114-0069
email: ourhousezihua@yahoo.com
website: http://www.ourhouse-zihua.com/
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Our House B&B is located about 9 miles south of Zihuatanejo on a beautiful and quiet beach. About 3 doors down from Our House a lady does body massage for $25 an hour and at the end of the beach are several small restaurants offering seafood straight from the sea to your plate. Cecil and Karen run Our House B&B and they are great. Cecil makes a wonderful breakfast every morning and several days severed it on the table under the palapa on the beach. If I had to catch the flu while on vacation this was the place to do it. I could sleep away the day on a hammock, under the palapa, in the shade, listen to the waves breaking on the sand, and Mamasita (the German Shepard) kept me company all day long.

The three guest rooms are all spacious and comfortable. Our House offers a communal living room with a gazillion English speaking channels, a newly remodeled lovely kitchen, and a ride to/from the airport.


Our House B&B

Beach in front of or Our House B&B

We went to the Hotel Las Palmas a few miles up the beach for dinner
one night and it was fabulous (reservations are required). This is a very
beautiful, quiet, secluded, small, upscale resort hotel which was very nice.



As wonderful as the Our House B&B was we had hoped to drive inland to see the monarch butterfly migration in Michoacan but the effects of the flu just wouldn’t allow it. We did however make it as far as Urapan and Patzcuaro in the Sierra Madre Mountains and up the coast north as far as Caleta de Campos (not much there) and Playa Azul and south down to Petalan. Zihuatanejo was the highlight of the trip. It is a great little fishing village with several nice restaurants and shops. We drove through Ixtapa but didn’t stop. It looks like a resort town you might see in Southern California or Hawaii. It was not our style. If we had wanted an American style resort we would have stayed in the USA.

Overall, I’d say that Zihuatanejo (Zee-wat-tan-e-a-ho ... The loacls just call it Zee-Ha) is one of my very favorite Mexican locations and I’m sure we will be back to visit Cecile and Karen at Our House B&B in the future.




Playa Azul

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