It certainly wasn't our average vacation ... It rained everyday that we were camping in the wilderness, we never had a campfire, and since we were at or near glaciers everyday it was always fairly cold.

Seated: Eric, Mo, Carol, Patti,
John, Diann, Tracy.
Standing: Caroline and Terry.
That being said it probably doesn't sound like too much fun ... but it was. It was truly wonderful. We had all of the proper clothing, fleece, wool, and polypropylene. Alaska Discovery (a.k.a. A-K Disco) supplied the best in camping gear, rain gear, boots, guides, and food. Our mindset was, have no expectations and take what ever comes our way. We were prepared for SE Alaska.

We started our trip in Juneau on the only day of the trip that was mostly sunny. There were 7 guests, 2 guides, and one guest/guide. Ten people all total. It was a motley crew of mostly city folk that spanned near 40 years in age. Most were in good shape, a few had spent time in the wilds before, but no one even came close to being a real outdoorsman (person).

We were picked up at our hotels and driven to the Marina in Douglas where we had to carry all of our personal gear, community gear, and kayaks quite a way down a long steep ramp and out to the end of a pier and load everything onto a steel hulled cabin cruiser jetboat. After a 3 1/2 hour ride we arrived at a grassy tidal flat below the North Dawes Glacier in the Endicott Arm in the Tongass National Forest.

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