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December 25, 2000 - 12:40 am

We flew into the new Krabi airport on Christmas Day. What a time saver the new airport is. It use to be a two hour or more taxi drive from the Phuket Airport. Now it's just 30 minutes to get to "the Dawn."

NOTE: The Thai people call their capital city Krung Thep. The ONLY people who call it Bangkok are foreigners ... Why do we insist on calling it Bangkok?

Entrance bridge into the "Dawn."

This was our 5th Christmas at the Dawn of Happiness. It is a great little resort located on beautiful Ao Nam Mao (Drunken Bay) off the normal tourist path. It's an eco-friendly resort that tries to bring the resort visitors closer to the Thai way of life.

Patti and Monica were off and running again while I maintained my slow pace laid back pace. Hey, I've been here several times, I've done all of the tours multiple times and as fun as they are I'd rather lay in the shade, read a book, and occasionally hop on the motorbike and go for a short ride.

Merry Christmas

AO Nam Mao

Restaurant at the Dawn

Breakfast at the Dawn


Song Thaou at
AO Phra Nang

Pressing rubber mats and kayaking tour

Boat trips out to the small near by beaches and islands

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Bangkok (a.k.a. Krung Thep)
December 30, 2000 - 7:50 pm

We flew back to Bangkok and were met by our friend Jee (our "Thai cousin") and taken out to dinner and then back to her home in Nonthaburi where we spent our last few days in Thailand.
The next Morning we caught the ferryboat at the Nothaburi dock and took the pleasant 45 minute ride into Bangkok. We toured the cities 3 most famous sites, the Grand Place, Wat Po and Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn). Had lunch in the main square near the memorial and then went home to get ready for the New Year's celebration.
We went to a great Chinese restaurant for dinner but unfortunately I already had begun to feel yucky. Not really sick but I didn't feel like eating and after dinner I returned to Jee's to rest. The 3 girls taxied back to the city for the the New Year's count down. I hate getting old (but it beats the alternative).
New Year's Day I still wasn't feeling well and slept in while the girls drove to Ayuthaya, the ancient capital of Siam. It sounds like I missed a fun day but the 15 hours of sleep was just what I needed. Especially since we were facing the long flight home the next day.

As usual we left Thailand having had a wonderful time. The people of Thailand are fabulous and Jee is perhaps the best of the whole lot. She always treats us like family and like royalty. She's special. Thank you Jee.


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