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Bull Skin Creek

Nov 15, 2011
After many years of research I just learned that William Wall(s) probably grew up in Allegany Co., MD near Cumberland. We have strong reason to believed he is related to John Walls who I might be his father, uncle, or other relative. See more information at the bottom of this page.

If you have any info on this family please contact me.

William Wall b. about 1770 was said to be "of southern birth" however it appears he might have grown up in the vacinity of Allegany Co., MD or Frederick Co., VA. (Photos of family sites in Kentucky)
+wife: Nancy Vinzant
Notes about William Wall: He lived in Scott Co., KY prior to moving to Shelby Co.
He lived on Bardstown Road where it crossed Bull Skin Creek and he owned a tavern. He fought in the War of 1812 with the Kentucky Mounted Volunteer Infantry. I believe in Dudley's Mounted Battalion under the command of Captain Isaac Watkins --William was a private.

This is the land that was owned by William Wall in early 1800s.

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This land once was owned by Preston's father-in-law, John Barton Brown.
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(Historical chart showing how Shelby Co.
has changed in shape and size)


Children of WILLIAM WALL and NANCY are:

  • ELIZABETH "BETSY" WALL, b. Bet. 1790 - 1799 d. July 25, 1867, Sullivan Co., IN; She married William Hazelrigg February 17, 1814, in Shelby, Co., KY.
  • NANCY WALL, b. January 04, 1799, Shelby, Co., KY; d. May 24, 1852, Shelby, Co., KY. She married Robert A. Patterson October 20, 1821 in Shelby Co., KY
  • MARY WALL, She married Robert Robison, January 29, 1818 in Shelby Co., KY. She married her second husband, Charles McDonald, 12 February, 1828 in Shelby County, KY. She died in Sullivan Co., IN.
  • PRESTON H. WALL, b. 1800, Shelby Co., KY; d. late 1854 - early 1855, Grayson Co., TX (See below for more information).
Generation No. 2

PRESTON H. WALL was born 1800 in Shelby Co., KY, and died between late 1854 - early 1855 in Grayson Co., TX.  He married ELIZABETH ELEANOR BROWN September 27, 1819 in Shelby, Co., KY, daughter of JOHN BROWN and MALINDA NEILL.  She was born Bet. 1801 - 1805 and died 1849 in Andrew or Cooper Co., MO.  He married (2) LUCIND GAY August 1850 in Cooper Co., MO.  She was born 1827 in KY, and died About 1852 in Cooper Co., MO.  He married (3) SARAH CARNWELL February 03, 1853 in Cooper Co., MO.     


  • ANN E. WALL, b. August 17, 1837 in Shelby, Co., KY; married Charles Miller in Cooper Co., MO and died March 13 March, 1915 in Grayson County, TX.
  • HARRIETT J. WALL, b. Shelby, Co., KY; married GEORGE C. DUGAN, January 07, 1849, Cooper Co., MO.
  • JOHN BARTON WALL, b. March 05, 1823, Shelby, Co., KY; d. March 27, 1905, Pomona, CA; married (1) JOSEPHINE; d. April 25, 1894, Pomona, CA; married (2) ANNA E., Aft. 1894; d. Aft. 1907. He enlisted in a Confederate Texas regiment during the Civil War.
  • OWEN C. WALL, b. About 1826, Shelby Co., KY.d. between 1850 (census) and 1857.
  • HENSON DUDLEY WALL, b. September 11, 1829, Shelby Co., KY; d. March 31, 1908, Elmwood, Cass Co., NE. married Mary Ann Turley February 23, 1854 (He photographed the Union army during the Civil War) Photos
  • RICHARD PENDLETON WALL, b. October 24, 1831, Shelby Co., KY; d. January 09, 1908, Saline Co., MO. He served in the Confederate Army with Company D, 1st Missouri Calvary and was wounded in the battle of Mine Creek (near Ft. Scott, KS) Photo
  • HARRISON L. WALL, b. August 14, 1833, Shelby Co., KY; d. February 23, 1905, Pierce City, Lawrence Co.,  MO. He is believed to be the H. L. Wall found on the muster roll of 12th Missouri Cavalry, Co. K, from Jackson County, in the Conferderate Army.
  • PRESTON D. WALL, b. About 1840, Shelby Co., KY; d. July 01, 1863. He served in the Confederate Army and died in the siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Child of PRESTON WALL and Lucinda Gay is:

  • MARY Eliza WALL, married THOMAS RICHARD SMITH, March 31, 1870, Cooper Co., MO; b. About 1853

QUESTIONS for this generation:

  • Is the H. L. Wall found on the muster roll of 12th Missouri Cavalry, Co. K, from Jackson County, in the Conferderate Army "our" Harrison?
  • Where was Richard PENDLETON WALL during the 1860 Census?
  • Find PRESTON D. WALL'S military records - He served in the Confederate Army and died in the siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Generation No. 3

HARRISON L. WALL was born August 14, 1833 in Shelby Co., KY, and died February 23, 1905 in Pierce City, Lawrence Co.,  MO.  He married EMERILA "EMMA" LOGAN May 24, 1855 in Cooper Co., MO.  She was born About 1839 in KY or OH.


  • JOHN BARTON WALL, b. April 18, 1856 MO; d. January 31, 1938 Los Angeles, CA.
  • Robert Wall, b. 1858 in IL d. Aft 1930 (probably in SW Missouri)
  • Harriett Wall, b. about 1860 MO.
  • VIRGINIA WALL, b. About 1863 MO.
  • MANDA (Amandad) WALL, b. About 1866 MO. She married John Milton Lough September 25, 1882 in Lawrence Co., MO.
  • HENSON "DUDLEY" WALL, b. 1870 in Champain, IL.

QUESTIONS for this generation:

  • Searching for Dudley: What happened to Henson Dudley Wall? He simply disappears about 1893. One of his brothers was living in Centralia, Lewis Co., WA around 1900 and two of his brothers, nephews and an uncle all moved to Los Angeles, CA. Maybe Dudley went west?
  • Nothing is known about Emma Logan's parents and family. Where are they from?
  • They moved to Pierce City before 1880 but when? No land deed records have been found for Harrison L. Wall in Pierce City, Lawrence Co., MO.
Generation No. 4

Pierce City, MO around the turn of the century.

HENSON "DUDLEY" WALL was born About 1870 in IL (Maybe Champaign Co.). He married FRANCES "FRANKIE" ELMIRA DENNIS July 03, 1890 in Pierce City, MO, daughter of SAMPSON DENNIS and RHODA MCDANIEL.  She was born April 02, 1875 in Monett, MO, and died July 06, 1958 in El Dorado, KS.        NOTE: It’s unknown what happened to Henson "Dudley" Wall. Nothing more is known about Dudley. He is a real mystery. **

Child of Dudley WALL and FRANCES DENNIS is:

  • CHARLES BURT WALL, b. September 27, 1893, Pierce City, MO (Lawrence Co.); d. December 1975, Wichita, KS.

QUESTIONS for this generation:

  • Where was Charles during the 1910 census? This was about the time he was in the US Navy.
  • Charles Burt WALL served onboard the USS West Virginia and later onboard the USS Pittsburgh. Several postcards show he was in Bremerton, WA, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Guymas & Hermsoillo, Sonora, Mexico (postmarked - USS Pittsburg) but yet no Naval records can be found for him.

Ike and Frankie Wes
  2nd husband of Frankie - Isaac "Ike" Andrew West
Spanish American War, Private, Company E, 2nd Regiment, Missouri Infantry. b. December 09, 1876 in Grandby, MO
d. September 06, 1957 in El dorado, KS
Married June 05, 1899 in Pierce City, MO.


  • Ethel Irene West
  • Ivan West
  • Lena E. West
  • Isaac Henry West

NOTE: The two daughters married the Brickley brothers, Clyde and Ralph. The two sons died as infants.

Charles B. Wall & Ora (Burgess)

Charles Burt Wall
b. September 27, 1893 in Pierce City, MO.
d. (age 82) December 1975 in Wichita, KS

1st Wife - Ora Burgess
b. before 1896 probably in Arkansas.
d. February 26, 1920 of complications 42 days after giving birth to Frances
Marriage date and location unknown

2st Wife - Virgie Evelyn "Eva" Burgess (Ora’s sister)
She was the 13th of 13 children.
b. March 19, 1898 in Huntsville, AL
d. (age 91) November 07, 1989 in Wichita, KS

The family always celebrated Grandma Wall’s (Eva) birthday on March 1. However, a "Delayed Birth Certificate" shows that she was born March 19, 1898 in Huntsville, AR

AT Burgess holding Ted Russell & Wayne Wall abt. 1916
Charles Burt WALL served in the Navy from 1912 to 1915. He was onboard the USS Pittsburgh and later the USS West Virginia (shown above).

Richard Preston WALL and Amanda Fox Clark WALL

Join the Wall Family DNA project that is being headed by Jean (Wall) McCullough. The more WALL members that participate the more valuable this effort is to the whole group and it may provide YOU with a missing link.
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The following are research notes and NOT PROVEN to my family tree.

Generation i

John Walls probably born before 1745 in a place unknown. Died about August 25, 1795 in Allegany County, Cumberland, MD. I believe he is possibly the father, uncle, or other relative of William Wall(s) and/or Richard Walls.
Wife: Mary Unknown thought to be of similar age. Died about August 6, 1818 in Cumberland, MD.
They lived on Lot 267 on Mechanic Street and running back to Mill Race in Cumberland, MD in 1795.
They had the following known children:
1. Margaret Walls – Based on 1810 census she was born before 1765.
2. John Wall(s) - Based on 1810 census he was born between 1766 and 1784
3. Samuel Walls – Based on court records and the 1810 census he was born about 1785.

Generation ii

• Margaret Walls born before 1765. Married Mr Halterbaum. Based on 1810 census she was known to be living in Bedford Co., PA with 3 sons and 2 daughters and no husband listed. Court records confirm she is the daughter of John and living in Bedford Co., PA in 1818.
• John Wall born between 1766-84. Court records confirm he is the son of John and living in Frederick Co., VA in 1818. He is listed on the Winchester, Frederick Co., VA Land Tax list in 1809 and the Land Owners list in 1815.
• Samuel Wall(s) born about 1785. Court records confirm he was 15 in 1800, the son of John and Mary, and living in Cumberland, MD.

o Samuel Walls born between 1756-74. Known to be living in Cumberland, MD in 1800 and 1810.
o William Wall(s) (top of page) Based on 1810 census he was born between 1766 and 1784 and living in Shelby Co., KY
o Richard Walls Based on 1800 census he was born between 1775 and 1784 and living in Cumberland, MD. He is enumerated next to Mary on the census. Allegany County Court records show his wife to be Theodosia. They (Richard Walls & Doshe Grigsby) are believed to have been married about July 29, 1798 in Frederick County, VA (about 40 miles away). He is listed on the 1810 census in Shelby Co., KY and appears on multiple tax lists in Shelby from 1808 to 1818.
o James Walls is listed twice on the Shelby Co. tax list 1811 and 1815. A James Walls is listed on the Winchester, Frederick Co., VA Land Tax list in 1809 and the Land Owners list in 1815.
o Eliza Wall married Frederick Young Nov. 3 1800 in Allegany Co., MD. The 1800 census shows Fred and his wife were both born between 1775-84 and living in Cumberland. In 1810 Frederick Young and family (correct age) is listed in Winchester, Frederick Co., VA.

Other info:
A Samuel Walls (which one?) and his wife Eleanor (who’s wife?) bought property on

If you have any info on this family please contact me.

"It's the little nuggets ... the ones that were the hardest to find that mean the most! To others it might appear as simply another entry in your records. But that one little tidbit of information might have taken years to find ... AND it opened the door to a past generations. "
John W. Wall

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