The Pinnecker Family
Germans from Russia
(Alternate spellings Pinecker, Pinager, Peanecker)

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Büdingen, Hesse, Germany is located about 30 miles east of Frankfurt. Back then Büdingen, Aulendiebach and Calbach were separate villages. Today Aulendiebach and Calbach are municipalities of Büdingen.

Alternate spellings -
Hesse or Hessen
Büdingen, Budingen or Buedingen
Aulendiebach or Aula thief oh

The story: The story of the families of Gieswein and Pinnecker and their travel from Germany to Russia and America - 250 years

All of the Büdingen Church records are from Marienkircke (church).

Generation No. 1

Heinrich Pinnecker von Düderode (near Braunschweig) and unknown wife.

  • Johannes Pinnecker born about 1638

Generation No. 2

Johannes Pinnecker was the apothecary to the Count (Graf) of Ysenburg. He was born about 1638 (possibly in Düderode) and was buried May 22, 1702 in Büdingen, Hesse, Germany.

  • Johannes first wife: Helena Unknown
    She was buried May 21, 1683 in Büdingen, Hesse, Germany.
    • Ernst Wilhelm Pinnecker christened July 05, 1665 in Büdingen and died August 20, 1684 in Büdingen.
    • Anna Eleonora Pinnecker christened June 20, 1668 in Büdingen.
    • Georg Henrich Pinnecker (possibly born in Düderode)
    • Johann Conrad Pinnecker (possibly born in Düderode)
  • Johannes second wife: Unknown
    • Johann Christoph Pinnecker christened December 17, 1685

Generation No. 3

Johann Conrad Pinnecker was a Locksmith born in Büdingen. He married Anna Elisabeth Carl her father was Georg Wilhelm Carl (Locksmith). They were married March 14, 1720 in Büdingen, Hesse, Germany. Children:

  • Johann "Georg" Pinnecker was born February 08, 1722 in Büdingen.
  • Johann Wilhelm Pinnecker was born January 05, 1724

Georg Henrich Pinnecker was an apothecary born in Büdingen.

  • Wife: Anna Catharina Unknown
    • Johan Philips Pinnecker b. September 26, 1700
    • Amoena Caroletta Pinnecker b. February 26, 1702
    • Johann Calbhafar Pinnecker b. December 02, 1703
    • Unknown Pinnecker b. December 02, 1703
    • Johann Damal Pinnecker b. October 12, 1706
    • Catharina Margaretha Pinnecker b. October 12, 1706
    • Johanna Margaretha Pinnecker b. January 22, 1712

Generation No. 4

Johann "Georg" Pinnecker born February 08, 1722, in Büdingen, Hesse, Germany. He was a master locksmith. He departed Germany and arrived in Oranienbaun (not far from St. Petersburg) onboard the ship, "Love and Unity 2" on July 04, 1766. He and his family arrived in Moor Colony near Saratov, Russia on June 18, 1767. He died before 1804 in Moor.

First wife of Georg Pinnecker:
Appolonia Lutz (her father was Johannes Lutz a cartwright). She was from Aulendiebach which separt village then but today is a municipality of
Büdingen. She died before 1768. Children:

  • Johann Conrad Pinnecker born about 1750 probably in Germany
  • Louise Henriette Pinnecker born about 1750 probably in Germany

Second wife of Georg Pinnecker:
Maria Elisabeth Bäcker born 1741 probably in Germany and died January 06, 1809 in Moor. Children:

  • Anna Elisabeth Pinnecker born between 1756 and 1757 probably in Germany.
  • Johann Heinrich Pinnecker born 1759 probably in Germany.
  • Ernestine Pinnecker born between 1760 - 1761 probably in Germany.
  • Georg Pinnecker born between 1765 and 1766. He could have been born in Germany, Russia, or in transit.
  • Sibilla Pinnecker born probably in Moor.
  • Georg Friedrich Pinnecker born probably in Moor.
  • Magdalena Pinnecker born probably in Moor.
  • Johann Christoph Pinnecker born probably in Moor.
  • Georg Carl Pinnecker born probably in Moor. (See below for more details)

Generation No. 5

Georg Carl Pinnecker born 1778, Moor Colony, Russia and died June 05, 1852, Moor Colony, Russia m. Anna Maria Engal. She was from the Anton colony.
Children: Johannes Pinnecker, Anna Catharina Pinnecker, Johann Adam Pinnecker, Anna Margaretha Pinnecker, Maria Elisabeth Pinnecker, Johann Ludwig Peter Pinnecker, Anna Louise Pinnecker, Anna Louise Pinnecker, and Maria Barbara Pinnecker.

Generation No. 6

Johannes Pinnecker
b. June 20, 1812, Moor Colony, Russia
m. Margaretha Barbara Moor, February 07, 1835
d. January 04, 1875, Moor Colony, Russia
Children: Johann Conrad Pinnecker, Heinrich Jacob Pinnecker, Johann Caspar Pinnecker, Maria Elisabeth Pinnecker, Maria Louise Pinnecker, Johann Michael Pinnecker, Johannes Pinnecker, and Maria Barbara Pinnecker.

Generation No. 7

Unidentified Pinneckers - click to see larger imageUnidentified Pinneckers  - click to see larger image
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On the back of this photograph was written "one of the Peaneckers" NOTE: The words at the bottom of this photograph are written in Cyrillic and probably translate into "Saratov" and the name of the photographer.

Pinneckers - original - click to see larger imagePinneckers - Restored - click to see larger image
Click photograph for larger image
Anna "Mary" Pinnecker, Mary Pinnecker (Niedins),
Lizzie Pinnecker (Filbert), and a younger brother.
This photograph was labeled: Peanecker Grandmother Gieswein / youngest brother / Needins ens Tilbert (
We now know the correct spelling is NOT Needins and Tilbert but IS Niedens and Filbert.)

Heinrich Jacob Pinnecker
b. October 04, 1837, Moor Colony, Russia probably in Germany
m. Catharina Elisabeth Ernst, February 19, 1857 in Moor
d. June 05, 1903, probably in Gnadenfeld, Russia
Children: Anna Maria "Mary" Pinnecker, Johann Heinrich Pinnecker, Catharina Maria "Mary" ( Niedens) Pinnecker, Catharina Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Filbert) Pinnecker, Elisabeth Pinnecker, Emile Pinnecker, Amalie Pinnecker, and Heinrich Jacob Pinnecker.

Generation No. 8

Anna Maria "Mary" Pinnecker
born November 04, 1857 in Moor Colony, Russia and died October 19, 1912 near Garden City, KS (perhaps Deerfield, KS). She married John Fredrick Gieswein and they lived in Moor and Gnadenfeld colonies near Saratov, Russia. They immigrated to USA in 1886.
See the Gieswein family for more details.

"It's the little nuggets ... the ones that were the hardest to find that mean the most! To others it might appear as simply another entry in your records. But that one little tidbit of information might have taken years to find ... AND it opened the door to a past generations. "
John W. Wall

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