Moor and Gnadenfeld, Russia
German Colonies in Russia

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Peter Gieswein was born about 1717 and is thought to be a farmer from Hessen (Isenburg - Hesse Darmstadt), although I don't know if this is where he was born. He married Maria Elisabeth Hering born 1725. They had two children known to be born in Germany, Catharina Gieswein (1759), and Christina Gieswein (1761). A third child, Johann Georg Gieswein (1765) might have been born in Germany but this is about the same time that the family departed Germany and moved to the German colony of Moor near Saratov, Russia. They arrived in the colony on July 01, 1766.

Map of Gnadenfeld and Moor

Johann "Georg" Pinnecker was born February 08, 1722. He was a blacksmith and of the Reformed Faith (Lutheran?). He was born in Budingen, Hessen, Germany. His first wife was Appolonia Lutz. They had 2 children, Johann Conrad Pinnecker born 1750 and Louise Henriette Pinnecker born 1751 in Germany.

Georg Pinnecker's 2nd wife was Maria Elisabeth Bäcker the following children were all born in Germany. Anna Elisabeth Pinnecker (Bet. 1756 - 1757), Johann Heinrich Pinnecker (1759), and Ernestine Pinnecker (Bet. 1760 - 1761). Their son Georg Pinnecker (Bet. 1765 - 1766) might have been born in Germany but this is about the same time that the family departed Germany and sailed to Russia onboard the "Love and Unity - 2." They arrived in Oranienbaun (not far from St. Petersburg), Russia on July 04, 1766 and arrived in the German colony of Moor (near Saratov) on June 18, 1767. For more details see the Story of Peter and Georg.

A couple of generations later several of the Gieswein and Pinnecker families moved to the newer German colony of Gnadenfeld. A historical map of the time shows Gnadenfeld (German name - Field of Mercy) was located 55 miles southeast of Sarotov (25 miles east of the Volga River). Moor was located 40 miles from Gnadenfeld on the opposite side of the Volga River. It appears that the family lived in both places.

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