The Gieswein Family
Germans from Russia
(Alternate spellings Gesswein, Geswein, Geswine)

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Peter Gieswein born 1717, Isenburg, Germany, died March 11, 1805, Moor Colony, Russia. Immigrated to Russia: Arrived in Moor Colony, Russia, July 01, 1766.

First wife of Peter Gieswein:
Magdalena Elisabeth born 1739 probably in Germany, died October 25, 1805 in Moor Colony, Russia.

Second wife of Peter Gieswein:
Maria Elisabeth Hering
born 1725 probably in Germany, died after 1798 in Moor Colony, Russia. Children:

  • Catharina Gieswein born 1759 in Germany.
  • Christina Gieswein born 1761 in Germany, married Unknown Berrhardt.
  • Johann Georg Gieswein married Elisabeth Margaretha
  • Susanna Gieswein born 1770 in Moor colony, Russia.
  • Johann Peter Gieswein married Maria Susanna Margaretha Benhardt (See more details below)

Generation No. 2

Johann Peter Gieswein born 1773, Moor Colony, Russia died February 28, 1839, Moor Colony, Russia, married Maria Susanna Margaretha Benhardt, before 1799. She was born 1773, died June 18, 1842 in Moor Colony, Russia (She was from the Galka colony). Children:

  • Anna Margaretha Gieswein married Heinrich Schmidt
  • Johannes Peter Gieswein married Catharina Elisabeth Weber
  • Maria Gieswein married Conrad Schneider
  • Maria Elisabeth Gieswein
  • Georg Heinrich Gieswein
  • Johann Georg Friedrich Gieswein married Anna Margaretha Reifschneider
  • Johann Conrad Gieswein married Catharina Elisabeth Rupp
  • Georg Andreas Gieswein married Anna Barbara Huppert
  • Georg Conrad Gieswein
  • Catharina Elisabeth Gieswein married Conrad Jäckel
  • Carl Heinrich Gieswein married Anna Catharina Seltenreich
    (See below for more details)
  • Anna Catharina Gieswein
  • Maria Margaretha Gieswein
  • Catharina Margaretha Gieswein married Johann Peter Seltenrich

Generation No. 3

Carl Heinrich Gieswein  
born January 11, 1815, Moor, Russia, died June 18, 1889 in Moor or Gnadenfeld, Russia.
He married Anna Catharina Seltenreich, February 07, 1835 in Moor. She was born November 30, 1814 in Moor Colony, Russia, died February 17, 1891 in Russia. Children:

  • Catharina Margaretha Gieswein married Heinrich Schremser.
  • Johann Conrad Gieswein married Anna Christina Herrmonÿ.
  • Maria Elisabeth Gieswein born September 28, 1839 in Moor colony, Russia.
  • Catharina Barbara Gieswein born July 18, 1842 in Moor colony Russia.
  • Johann "John" Fredrick Gieswein born August 17, 1845 in Moor colony Russia.
    (See below for more details)
  • Georg Peter Gieswein born June 29, 1848 in Moor colony, Russia, died March 07, 1849 in Moor colony, Russia.
  • Georg Peter Gieswein born July 11, 1850 probably in Moor colony, Russia, April 06, 1851 probably in Moor colony, Russia.
  • Johann Jacob Gieswein born July 29, 1852 in Gnadenfeld or Moor colony, Russia, died July 30, 1852.
  • Maria Elisabeth Gieswein born August 30, 1854 in Gnadenfeld or Moor colony, Russia
  • Catharina Elisabeth Gieswein born September 25, 1858 in Gnadenfeld or Moor colony, Russia. She married Heinrich Peter Guttman 1877 in Russia. He was born March 24, 1857.

Generation No. 4

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John Fredrick Giewsein born August 17, 1845 in Moor colony, Russia, died April 18, 1932 in Wilsey, Kansas. He was about 41 years old when he and the family immigrated to America in 1886. They traveled north on the Volga River, across the Baltic Sea to Brenen, Germany and finally to the USA. He was a wheat farmer most of his life. Even though he was born in Russia none of the family spoke Russia, they all spoke German.

First wife of John Fredrick Giewsein:
Elizabeth Mitchell born March 20, 1842 in Moor colony, Russia, died January 06, 1882 in Gnadenfeld colony, Russia (died in child birth), They married 1864 in Moor. Children:

  • Catharina "Elisabeth" Gieswein born March 11, 1864 in Moor colony, Russia, married Peter Schwarzkopf 1882. He was born December 18, 1862.
  • Heinrich "Henry" Gieswein born September 08, 1867 in Moor colony, Russia, died in Denver, CO. He never married.
  • Mary Elizabeth Gieswein born October 10, 1870 in Gnadenfeld Colony, Russia, died April 23, 1929 in Topeka, KS.

    First husband of Mary Elizabeth Gieswein husband:

    Paul Hahn born September 1864 in Elmdale, KS, died September 1894 in Emporia, KS. They were married 1889, in Strong City, KS. Children:
    • Theodore Fredrick Hahn born November 29, 1890, married Clara Mae Stair.
    • Edward Henry Hahn born July 06, 1892, married Agnes Bertha Strutzel.
    • Arthur Gustov Hahn born June 26, 1894, married Ester Keith.

      Second husband of Mary Elizabeth Gieswein husband:
      William Henry Hightower born March 20, 1857 in Rushville, IL, died April 22, 1943 in Emporia, KS. They were married October 22, 1895 in Strong City, KS.
      • Edith Evelyn Hightower born October 08, 1896, married William Lloyd Hopkins.
      • Nettie May Hightower born December 14, 1898 married Thomas Claude Dawson.
  • Anna Katherine Gieswein born February 02, 1873 in Gnadenfeld Colony, Russia, died April 23, 1929 in Emporia, KS. She married John Adam Reifsnyder January 08, 1894 in Strong City, KS. He was born January 29, 1860 in Pennsylvania, died June 30, 1922 in Tokepka, KS.
    • Anna Reifsnyder
    • Ella Mae Reifsnyder
    • Irvin Reifsnyder born 1895.
    • Charles Earl Reifsnyder born July 07, 1901, married Josephine Pinson.
  • August Gieswein born June 15, 1876 in Gnadenfeld Colony, Russia died 1877 in Gnadenfeld Colony, Russia.

Second wife of of John Fredrick Giewsein:
Anna Maria "Mary" Pinnecker born in November 04, 1857 in Moor colony, Russia, died October 19, 1912 near Garden City, Kansas (perhaps Deerfield, KS). Lived in Moor and Gnadenfeld colonies near Saratov, Russia. Emigrated to USA in 1886. Children

  • Heinrich Jacob Gieswein born December 10, 1882, Gnadenfeld Colony Russia, died November 16, 1883 Gnadenfeld Colony, Russia.
  • Girl name unknown Gieswein born abot 1883, died as an infant.
  • August Gieswein born October 12, 1884, in Gnadenfeld colony, Russia, died 1931, Aurora, OR.
  • Mary Annie Gieswein born June 25, 1886 in Gnadenfeld Colony, Russia, died September 18, 1932 in Salida, CO, married Herbert K. Alway June 07, 1908 in Lamar, CO. He was born October 29, 1885 in Poncha Springs, Colorado, died October 10, 1951 in Salida, CO. Children:
    • Amelia Ester Alway born March 17, 1909, married James Dee Wright.
    • Annie Mary Alway born February 25, 1911, married Floyd Kales.
    • Herbert Jacob Alway born February 07, 1913, married Jeanie Frances Fisher.
    • Albert Raymond "Ray" Alway born September 25, 1914, married Violet Margaret Hawton.
    • Phyla Mable Alway born July 19, 1923, married Kenneth S. Stewart.
  • Amelia Gieswein born June 05, 1888 in Marion, KS, died April 25, 1959 in Nisland, SD, married Ludwig Louie Dell June 05, 1903 in Enid, OK. He was born August 18, 1878 in Russia, died July 18, 1937 in Rapid City, SD. Children:
    • Henry Dell born 1904
    • John Fredrick Dell born May 27, 1905, married Anna Virginia Wypinger.
    • Jake George Dell born July 18, 1910, married Anna Heidrick.
    • Adam Herbert Dell born May 03, 1912, married Dora Becker.
    • Benjamin Gustove Dell born February 15, 1914, married Clara Lillian Knodel.
    • Albert Pete Dell born July 19, 1915, married Lydia Greenwaldt.
    • Edward William Dell born June 06, 1917, married Alvina Greenwaldt.
    • Paul Henry Dell born October 19, 1919
    • Clara JoHanna Dell born January 08, 1922, married James Glover Lewis.
    • Louie Junior Dell born January 19, 1924, married Darlene Iva Homer.
  • John Fredrick "Fred" Gieswein born February 28, 1890 in Marion, KS, died 1960 in Aurora, OR, married LuLu Mable Graves September 01, 1918 in KS. She was born October 24, 1891 in Wichita, KS, died December 03, 1969 in Aurora, OR. Children:
    • Lena Mae Gieswein born May 08, 1919, married Frank Lambert.
    • Charles Fredrick Gieswein, born March 08, 1922, married Syble Mae Nixon.
  • Jacob "Jake" Gieswein born July 24, 1892 in Marion, KS, died January 10, 1947 in Wilsey, KS, married Mary Kathrine Kuddes June 29, 1920 in Emporia, KS. She was born December 30, 1894 in Strong City, KS, died July 02, 1979 in Council Groove, KS. Children:
    • Floyd L. Gieswein born May 05, 1921, married Leota Lee Brigges.
    • Dorothy Marie Gieswein born September 09, 1922, married Jim L Beers.
    • John "Jack" H. Gieswein born April 25, 1924, married JoAnne Blenton.
    • William Edgar Gieswein born June 12, 1926, married Wilma Eileen Sulser.
    • Robert Lee Gieswein born January 14, 1932, married Bonnie L. Hertline.
  • Lydia Gieswein
    born June 20, 1894 in Marion, KS, died August 15, 1938 in Wilsey, KS, married Fred Green 1916. He was born August 21, 1885 in Springfield, OH, died September 22, 1979 in Wichita, KS. Children:
    • Walter R Green married Mary Ellen Plozza.
    • Evelyn M. Green First husband Dave Stewart, Second husband L. D. Hudson.
    • Homer Milton Green born February 22, 1921 married Velma Corrine Hegle.
    • James Corne Green born January 29, 1923 married Mary Baker.
    • Fred Donald Green born April 20, 1924 married Thelma Webb.
  • Naomi (Gieswein) born May 12, 1896 in Fairview, OK, died November 13, 1976 in Wichita, KS, married Ernest Green December 25, 1914. He died in Wichita, KS. Children:
    • Jake Green
    • Ernst Green
    • William Fred Green
    • Everett Green
    • Florence Noam Green born March 21, 1924, married William Jr. Beard.
  • Mollie Gieswein born September 22, 1898 in Fairview, OK died February 25, 1981 in Wichita, KS, married Floyd Johnson July 05, 1919 in Wichita, KS. (See Johnson page for more details about this couple and thier family.) Children:
    • Edna Louise Johnson
    • Gladys Eileen "Jo" Johnson
    • Ivan Robert Johnson

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