The Dennis Family
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William Dennis born about 1795 in Loudin Co., VA died before 1850. He married Ruth Pettit born about 1797 in TN, died 1880 in MO (Parents: Jonas Pettit and Elizabeth Lamon) They were married February 09, 1818 in Johnson City, Knox Co., TN. Children:

  • Grandville Dennis born about 1825 in VA. He married Mildreth "Milly" Ann Lewis on April 14, 1847 in Morgan Co., AL.
  • Eli Dennis born about 1826 in TN. He married Emaline Lane on December 26, 1849.
  • Jonathan Dennis born about 1829 in Campbell Co., TN and died November 06, 1894 in Yount, MO. He married Sarah Ann Gross June 26, 1853 in Bollinger Co., MO.
  • Sampson Dennis b. December 18, 1830 in Campbell Co., TN d. March 22, 1902 in Monett, MO. (See below for more information)
  • George W. Dennis born about 1831 and died January 16, 1897. He married Alley Myers December 25, 1855.
  • Joshua B. Dennis born about 1838 in TN.
  • Chesley Dennis born about 1839 in TN.
  • Malinda Dennis born about 1840 in TN.
  • Manthia Dennis born about 1838 in TN.
  • Martha Ann H. Dennis born about 1845.

QUESTIONS for this generation:

  • Who is William Dennis's parents and where are they from?

Generation No. 2

Sampson Dennis born December 18, 1830 in Campbell Co., TN, died March 22 - 26, 1902 in Monett, MO. He served in the Union Army with Co. E. 1st Regiment, MO Engineers. Sampson was struck and killed by a coal train at night as he was walking home (to Monett) on the tracks from his daughter's home in Purdy.

First wife of Sampson:
Virginia Elizabeth Hill b. in TN d. March 29 (09), 1866 in Bollinger Co., MO
Children of Sampson and Virginia:

  • Martha Dennis
  • Mary A. Dennis
  • William H. Dennis
  • Nancy Alice Dennis

Second wife of Sampson:
Rhoda Ann McDaniel b. April 17, 1846 in Tennessee d. January 07, 1940 in Sapulpa, OK (Rhoda's father was J.R. McDaniel her mother's name is unknown but she was born in TN).

Sampson and Rhoda were married November 17, 1867 in Bollinger Co., MO.
Children of Sampson and Rhoda:

  • Earnest Eli Dennis - b. October 09, 1868 in Howell Co., MO d. March (or February) 21, 1957
    + wife: Fannie (Last name unknown)
    ---- Children: Elmer, Earl, and Jennevieve
  • Margaret "Louisa" Dennis b. September 17, 1870 south of St. Louis, MO
    + husband #1: G. G.Tate
    + husband #2: Richard "Monroe" West
    ---- Children: Unknown
  • Sarah Ann Dennis b. January 21, 1873 in Oregon Co., MO d. May 13, 1951
    + husband: Louis "Lowe" Conner
    ---- Children: Mary Conner, Minnie Conner, and Flora Conner
  • Frances "Frankie" Elmira Dennis b. April 02, 1875 in Monett, MO (See more info. below)
    John Andrew Dennis b. November 02, 1878 d. June 22, 1963
    + wife: Lizzie Mace (or Mack)
    ---- Children: Loyd Dennis
  • Noah Elzie Dennis b. August 15, 1882 in Monett, MO d. 1950 in Tulsa, OK
    + wife: Mary arta Rucker b. 1886 in Monett, MO d. 1954 in Tulsa, OK
    ---- Children: Robert and Fern
  • Charles Elmer Dennis b. May 22, 1884 d. 1917
    + wife: Fay Miller
    ---- Children: Willima Dennis and Gertrude Dennis

QUESTIONS for this generation:

  • Sampson David Dennis served with Co. E. 1st Regiment, MO Engineers but have been unable to find military records or pension records.
  • Who are Rhoda Ann McDaniel's parents and where are they from?

Generation No. 3

Frances "Frankie" Elmira Dennis born April 2, 1875 in Monette, MO and died July 06, 1958 in El Dorado, KS.

First husband of Frankie:
Henson "Dudley" Wall b. about 1870 in Illinois (perhaps Champaign Co.). They were m
arried July 03, 1890 in Pierce City, Lawrence Co.,MO. He disappeared about 1893. It's unknown what happened to him. Did he die? Did they get a divorce? Did he run away? Other? Children of Frankie and Dudley:

  • Charles Burt Wall b. September 27, 1893 in Pierce City, MO. and d. (age 82) December 1975 in Wichita, Sedgwick Co.,KS.

Second husband of Frankie:
Isaac "Ike" Andrew West b. December 09, 1876 in Granby, MO and d. September 06, 1957 in El dorado, KS. They were married June 05, 1899 in Pierce City, MO.
Children of Frankie and Ike:

  • Ethel Irene West b. August 22, 1901
    + husband: Clyde Brickley
    ----- (Children: William "Bill" Cornell Brickley, and Lois "Irene" Brickley)
  • Ivan West b. May 04, 1905 d. Abt.1905
  • Lena E West b. February 13, 1907
    + husband: Ralph Brickley
    ----- (Children: Ronald "Gail" Brickley and Phyllis Corrine Brickley)
  • Isaac Henry West b. April 23, 1909 d. about 1909

"It's the little nuggets ... the ones that were the hardest to find that mean the most! To others it might appear as simply another entry in your records. But that one little tidbit of information might have taken years to find ... AND it opened the door to a past generations. "
John W. Wall

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